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Quicksilver 475 Axess video

Quicksilver 505 video

Quicksilver 555 Cabin video

Quicksilver 625 Pilot House

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Alu Rib 420

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With over 27 boats in sports cruiser range there is a lot to choose from, below is a sample guide to ready to go packages.


Fo the full range of prices and options for 2024 please see the 2024 retail price list


475 Open Axess

Boat and engine package from 23,999

525 Open Axcess

Boat and engine package from 27,999

555 Cabin Activ

Boat and engine package from 33,999



625 Pilot House

Boat and engine package 46,999


Quicksilver Ribs 

With over 16 in the range from small Tenders to larger Ribs, Quicksilver offers a fine choice of ride.

ALU Rib 380 (AL Hull)

Starting from 3629

ALU Rib 420 (Al Hull)

Starting from 4199


(Options on Consoles)