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Benefits and Features of the 8 to 20 HP



 Corrosion Protection

A patented, Double Sealed multi-layered paint process. Sacricial anodes and stainless steel technology, along with water resistant connectors, all enhance corrosion protection 


Auto Choke

The auto starting enrichment system ensures optimum air-fuel ratio to the engine, eliminating the chores of choke operation and greatly simplifying engine startup.

This provides optimum air-fuel ratio through the dedicated line independent of the carburetor. As the engine warms up, the PTC heater also becomes warm and eventually closes the dedicated line completely.



Easy Maintenance

So little to go wrong and simple easy to use, All parts held in stock and based in the UK.


Easy re start

By providing a fuel chamber between the fuel pump and carburettor, the temperature gap between fuel in the carburettor and that in the fuel tank at warm-engine restart is minimized. This minimizes vaporization of fuel and helps to stabilize fuel supply. If a warm engine is restarted and the throttle valve is fully opened immediately afterward, fuel in the fuel tank, which is cold, is allowed to flow very quickly into a hot carburettor. Due to the great difference in temperature between the hot carburettor and the cold fuel from the tank, fuel upon entering the carburettor will immediately vaporize, blocking the lines in the carburettor. This is called "vapour lock." Vapour lock prevents the carburettor from functioning properly, making it difficult for the engine to start..


Optional High Capacity Charging

High output 6 or 12 amp alternators are used across the 8 and 20  HP range allowing further use of electronics.

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