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BF 2.3 Overview 

BF 4,5,6 Overview

Benefits video BF 2.3

Benefits video  BF 4, 5 and 6

Honda 2.3 Benefits and Features

 Four Stroke

Cleaner, more efficient combustion method and is the only Marine Engine ever built by Honda. World-renowned Honda quality combines proven reliability and superior fuel efficiency with no oil mixing

4 stroke



Air cooled Engine

Air Cooled

No water pump maintenance worries or being plugged up with weeds or damaged by sand. Runs in the shallows



No Gears

The centrifugal clutch eliminates weight and gives greater flexibility and ease in operation. Coupled with the Air cooled engine this gives the perfect Maintenance free package.



Shallow Drive

Hitting shallow waters or running up a sandy beach is never a problem with the unique shallow drive mechanisms on the 2.3 Engine.

  • Engine leg protection
  • Beach landings



Easy Maintenance

So little to go wrong and simple easy to use, All parts held in stock and based in the UK.


Honda 4, 5 and 6HP  Benefits and Features

Great features see below

Click here for a short clip

Easy start

Honda Utilises a decompressor which opens the exhaust valve thus reducing the compression in the cylinder to enable an easier turnover of the engine.



Optional High Capacity Charging

High output 6 amp alternators are used across the 5 and 6  HP range allowing further use of electronics.



One Push Stop

The one-push stop switch controls the engine control unit  to the spark plug, so that one push of the button will stop the engine with absolute certainty

Alert Systems

Use of oil alert increases reliability. If the oil pressure drops, the engine RPM is reduced and the Green light will go out to notify the user, thus protecting the engine.



Programmed Ignition

The microprocessor-controlled PGM-IG ignition optimizes ignition timing across the entire engine speed range. Also, an electronically-controlled monitoring system alerts the operator to potentially damaging conditions.


  • Reliability prevents over revving
  • Cleaner running
  • Fuel economy



Integral Tanks

New higher capacity integral tanks are now fitted to the 2 to 6 HP range. The 45 and 6 can also be coupled up with an external tank. Giving greater flexibility and range.




Large ergonomic handles and correctly balanced along with clever foldability of the tiller handle ensures portability and storage is maximised



Vibration and in Balance reduction

In order to reduce weight balancers shafts are not used in the portable range, instead a unique design in engine mountings are employed to reduce vibration levels to the Transom and Tiller handles.


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