Honda Maxima

We're proud to be an authorised Honda Maxima dealer and stockist.

Maxima is new to the UK market, producing a range of sloops which range from 4.85m to 6.5m.

As well as their design being eye catching and stylish, they are efficient and comfortable too.

Great value for money

These boats have been designed at a competitive price point without compromising on quality. We have several at Acaster Marine, and would encourage you to come and see how well-built they are.

Spacious and comfortable

You would be mistaken to think that these are cramped. Not at all. They’ve been ergonomically designed with comfort in mind – and space allowing for all the things you need for a pleasure cruise.


The Maxima is customisable with colour choices as well as a large range of factory-fitted extras such as teak flooring, furniture and navigation lights.

Come and see for yourself

Contact us to arrange a viewing of the Honda Maxima at our location just outside of York.



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